Helen Burgess

Role within the CYP Alliance

I am a project manager for the CYP Alliance team. I am responsible for leading on projects, bringing people together from across all sectors to address health needs of local and national priority.

Why does it matter?

I simply want to add value and make a difference.

My impact

Throughout my whole career I have been lucky enough to be in roles that help and support children. As a paediatric occupational therapist, I provided therapy for hundreds of children. Then progressing to the privileged position of leading a whole therapy team. I took a year out to pursue my Masters at Sheffield University in Public Health Management and Leadership. This led me into project management work within Sheffield City Council in the special education needs department working in transitions and commissioning.

Something a bit different…

I lead a busy life being a mum of 3 boys. When I do have a little spare time, I love musical theatre, and I have a secret passion for boxing.