Hazel Talbot

Role within the CYP Alliance

I am a Clinical Lead in the CYP Alliance team. I’m involved with the ‘acute’ side of the CYP Alliance. My role is to bring Acute providers – Hospitals - together, to make the work of the CYP Alliance relevant.

Why does it matter?

By collaborating and sharing the good and the bad, we can learn together to improve the care that we deliver. I believe that all children and young people should have an equal opportunity to live a healthy happy life. Where access to health care is needed this shouldn’t depend on where you live or your background. I love being part of a team that wants tackle inequalities.

My impact

I am an Embrace Consultant working across the whole of Yorkshire and Humber to deliver intensive care to newborn babies and children. I am also Deputy Clinical Lead for the Neonatal Operational Delivery Network, which is interesting and involves a lot of collaborative work to improve Neonatal Care in Yorkshire and Humber. This give me a board view of healthcare across a large area, which I bring to the work of the CYP Alliance.

Something a bit different…

Outside work, I am obsessed with playing Netball, and through this keen to support young people to maintain an active lifestyle. I like reading, especially ‘happily ever afters’ and I have too many dogs.

Where can you get help?

If you think your child is having trouble with communicating and talking to you, discuss your concerns with a professional such as a health visitor, GP, nursery/school teacher who can provide advice and consider whether they may require a referral to a speech and language therapist or GP.