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What are Navigators?

Youth Navigators support children and young people who may be involved in violence at home, school or in the community.

When someone comes to the Major Trauma Centre at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust for help with a health problem related to violence, Youth Navigators are able to offer their support in the Emergency Department, on a ward, or at an outpatient appointment. Currently, only young people who live in Sheffield can get one-to-one support from Youth Navigators outside of Hospital in local settings close to home.

Youth Navigators believe that everyone has the right to a healthy, happy life and with the right support, everyone can make a positive change, if they want to.

Who are the Youth Navigators at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust?

Mel from Youth NavigatorsMel is a Youth Navigator who works closely with young people to achieve positive outcomes. She is a children’s Nurse and has worked in various departments at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. Before she became a Nurse, Mel was a Youth Worker in Sheffield working in residential units with looked after children. Mel believes that everyone has the right to a safe and happy life.

Sam from Youth NavigatorSam is a Youth Navigator at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and is also a Youth Justice Nurse for Sheffield. She has worked in lots of different jobs before, including in Sexual Health and Research. Sam is passionate about supporting young people to make informed choices and wants to make sure that every child or young person has the same access to healthcare and services.

Both Sam and Mel work at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and can be recognised by their uniform of a grey top with the word ‘Navigator’ written in pink. They can be approached directly or via a Nurse of Doctor.

What kind of support do Navigators give?

Sam and Mel promise to be:

  • non-judgemental and to find support that matches the needs of children and young people;
  • a safe person to talk to – even only for a chat.
  • connect you to a wide network of different support organisations that can offer support for different circumstances;
  • helpful in offering life-saving training for violence related injuries.

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More information and contact

For more information and contact points please visit Sheffield Children's website.

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