Start for Life Little Moments Together Campaign

The Department for Education (DfE), in partnership with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), launched the Better Health Start for Life 'Little Moments Together' Campaign.

The campaign aims to educate parents and carers about the importance of brain development in the first five years of a child's life, and the crucial role they play as parents and carers, with advice and tips available on the Start for Life website.


How the campaign is going to work

By focusing on behaviours that can easily be integrated into their busy daily routines, the Little Moments Together campaign aims to illustrate a ‘way of being’ to parents and carers, showing them that sharing simple, child-led ‘serve and return’ moments together throughout the day has a big impact.

By directing parents to the Start for Life website, they will find simple ideas from other parents on how to build these little moments into each day. It includes lots of examples of tips and activities for parents to do with children at different ages. It also signposts parents to the relevant in-person support available in their local communities.

Little Moments Campaign

2. 2024-01-08_SfL_LMT_Social_Mum and child reading1080x1080.png    A range of downloadable resources are available on the Campaign Resource

1. 2024-01-08_SfL_LMT_Social_Dad and child in park_1080x1080.png   Partner Activation Pack - with campaign overview, key messages, tips and support for partners when delivering interventions and links to supporting tools and resources.

5. 2024-01-08_SfL_LMT_Social_Dad and child reading_1080x1080.png   Social Media toolkit

Poster.png    Posters - "90% of brain growth happens before the age of five. What you do together can make a huge difference."   Including localisable, empty belly, and black and white posters 

Digital screen.png    Digital Screens - for use on TV screens and other digital displays in locations such as GP surgeries, Family Hubs, outdoor settings etec.

2024.01.08_SfL_HLE-LMT_MPU_General.jpg   Web Banners - to use across owned digital channels.

Poster.png   Family Hub focused resources


Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the campaign, or more broadly about Start for Life, please contact the Partnerships Inbox at

Our mailing address is:

Department of Health & Social Care
39 Victoria St