Support to help you quit smoking

Why Quit?

Smoking is harmful to your child. Even if you don't smoke in the same room as them, smoke remains on your clothing and in your breath for several hours after your last cigarette.

Recognised health complications include:

  • Cot death (also known as sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS) - this is twice as likely in babies whose mother smokes
  • Asthma - your child is more likely to develop asthma and experience more frequent and severe asthma attacks
  • Other serious breathing problems such as pneumonia
  • Meningitis
  • Ear infections which may cause long term hearing loss
  • Increase numbers of viral infections

You could also save at least £2,750 a year by quitting a 20 cigarette a day habit!

Bassetlaw – A Better Life (ABL) 

your health notts.pngNottinghamshire’s new Integrated Wellbeing Service funded by Nottinghamshire County Council and delivered by ABL Health. They are here to help all residents of Nottinghamshire (excluding Nottingham city) get more active, eat healthier, manage your weight, drink less alcohol and stop smoking. They offer realistic and practical support for people to make life long healthy behaviour changes.

Your Health Your Way’s Stop Smoking Service helps individuals quit smoking for good.

For any one 12 years or older living in Nottinghamshire our dedicated and friendly stop smoking advisors deliver a range of 1-1 and drop-in sessions as well as phone and digital support. We provide a full range of free nicotine replacement therapy alongside weekly support from our stop smoking advisors. We will support you to understand why you smoke, manage your cravings, and deal with relapses.

Smokefree Yorkshire

Yorkshire Smokefree.pngThey provide expert NHS advice and support for anyone who wants to stop smoking. So when you're ready to quit, they're ready to help. Their friendly experts will help you find the best way to quit and provide support throughout your journey. 

They offer a range of resources to suit your needs and ensure you're smoke-free as soon as possible


Rotherham - Healthwave

Rotherham Healthwave.pngRotherham Healthwave is a FREE service that helps the people of Rotherham to stop smoking, lose weight and become more physically active, to improve their overall health.

Smokefree Sheffield.pngSheffield

Ready to quit, switch or cut down? We’re here to help.

Smokefree Sheffield for adults  

Smokefree Sheffield offers free advice and support for anyone wanting to quit smoking or switch to vaping. We can provide free nicotine replacement therapy or vapes for up to 12-weeks, and will help you to manage your stress while you quit. And if you are not yet ready to quit, we’ll help you cut down for 6-weeks before setting a quit date with you.

Contact us on: 0114 5536296

Call or text us on: 07833 048200

Secure email for referrals from professionals 

Support for Children

Sheffield Smokefree provides NHS advice and support for smokers and tobacco users aged 11 and above who are ready to quit or thinking about making a change. Children and young people referred into Sheffield Smokefree will have access to 8 weeks of free support to help quit smoking. We’ll support all children and young people with a personalised quit plan, covering the benefits of quitting and tips to combat the temptation to smoke and how to deal with stress.

Our trained local advisors have already helped lots of children and young people quit for good. Support can be given in person, over the phone, by text or virtually, whichever way suits the child or young person best. We can also supply free nicotine replacement therapy for 8 weeks. We know quitting can be hard and there’s no one way to quit, but we’re here to find the way that works for you.

Worried about vaping?

We can help with that too. All support is free and confidential.

To make a referral either you or the child or young person can:

Contact us on: 0114 5536296 Call or text us on: 07833 048200