Asthma care resources for professionals

Other asthma support organisations 

The Primary Care Respiratory Society

The Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS) supports all Health Care Professionals in primary, community, and integrated care settings.  We develop an optimal, holistic, patient-centred approach to delivering quality care for all people with respiratory conditions. We are advocates for the improvement of care and outcomes for people with respiratory diseases, bringing together all professions, offering them a welcoming, supportive, inclusive, non-hierarchical community where everybody has a voice. 

The British Thoracic Society

We are a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Our activities cover all of the UK. We seek to work collaboratively with others and maintain a global outlook focussed on improving respiratory care and removing inequalities in access to care and respiratory health outcomes. 

Beat Asthma

They are a diverse group of people from health professionals to parents to asthma suffers themselves who believe passionately about improving awareness and knowledge about children’s asthma.

Signposting your patient smoking cessation/quit smoking services 

SYB QUIT Programme

The QUIT Programme is a new initiative which will transform the way tobacco addiction is tackled in our hospitals, offering patients who smoke access to effective treatments and support as part of their routine care. Training on smoking and tobacco addiction.

This page contains the resources you need to help you embed the treatment of tobacco addition into the routine care of all your patients. 

Based on a successful, evidence-based programme in Ottawa, Canada, QUIT has the potential to save thousands of lives and hospital re-admissions across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, as well as reducing health inequalities.

All professionals who look after children with asthma need the appropriate training 

Education for Health

A free eLearning resource, designed for anyone who supports children and young people with asthma. 


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Tier 1 Training poster

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Local resources to raise awareness of asthma and personal asthma plans

Primary care asthma plan

Secondary care asthma plan