Migrant/Asylum Seeker Support - Sheffield

City of Sanctuary Sheffield

City of Sanctuary Sheffield is an independent charity working in solidarity with people seeking sanctuary in Sheffield.


The Health Access for Refugees Programme (HARP) 

Helping refugees and asylum seekers understand what do it they or the families are unwell, find English classes and groups to meet new friends and have fun, and confidential advice.

The Health Access for Refugees Programme (HARP) empowers asylum seekers and refugees to access the UK health system in an appropriate way and at the appropriate time.

ASSIST Sheffield

ASSIST Sheffield support some of the most marginalised people living in Sheffield - people who have been unsuccessful in their applications for asylum and as a result have been made destitute. Many of them have escaped the unimaginable horrors of war, violence and persecution, but simply telling the truth about the conditions they have fled sadly isn't always enough.

Without refugee status, people seeking sanctuary are not allowed to work. Once their initial application for asylum has been turned down many are left with no right to housing, benefits or other vital support. They're left homeless, destitute and vulnerable on the streets of our city.

This is where they come in. ASSIST is an invaluable lifeline for people in Sheffield who've been refused asylum. They offer solidarity, support and hope in the form of accommodation, information and access to essential services.


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